Anarchy in the streets of Oldham, England

    I saw a report last night on BBC1 Panorama, which froze. Were the streets of Basra, we were seeing, once a week to vomit reports of beatings, abuse, rape and other examples of senseless violence on the streets? No, not Basra, but every Saturday night in Manchester in England. I wonder how many people watched the program and then turned it off with a nod before making a cup of tea. I think the state of the streets of England, if Oldham is a typical example, and deserve more than a nod. It is nothing less than anarchy in the streets.

    A young woman is raped by five men. Other reports of abuse poured into the central police control. Meanwhile, hordes of teens are allowed into and out of bars and increasingly intoxicated. At about three o'clock, most of them have no sense with alcohol and be lucky to return home safely. Other, ordinary, law-abiding cower in their homes after 8 pm, denied any possibility of a night out. The Panorama documentary painted a terrible picture of local councils at the mercy of some five thousand children every weekend. They seem unable to do anything about it. The best idea they have come is to force children to queue for a drink while watching two police guards and five years.

    Am I alone in thinking that this is the work of Satan in action? Do any of these young people know nothing about Christ's love, consideration for others, respect for elders, respect for property, self-treat your body like a temple, decency, sexual restraint? Or is it an amoral young woman out of control?

    Meanwhile, the local supermarket grocery rake in huge profits selling alcohol, even before the night has begun. A group of girls about to go on camera admitted that ended with a bottle of vodka before leaving home. What is the answer to a complete loss of innocence? Education, Christian-oriented youth, local council authorities to curb the greed of big business, police powers to stop anti-social behavior at the root, counseling offices for youth? Any or all of these just on the surface. We seem to be stepping back into a Dickensian world of poverty, poor education and low moral values.

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Anarchy in the streets of Oldham, England

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