Top 10 things to take on vacation

    "To know what to leave out and what to put in, just where & just how, ah, that is to have been educated in the knowledge of simplicity." - Frank Lloyd Wright

    1: moleskin book : to scribble, sketch, write thoughts etc.
    2: camera : for all those shutterbug quick moments I love my little pocket elph.
    3: sunscreen : I'm going to try kiehl's this time.
    4: video ipod with tons of podcasts/movies loaded : 24, the office, etc..
    5: eye mask + ear plugs: a given.
    6: a good book : this trip I am going to read Franny & Zooey
    7: hand sanitizer: this has saved me more times then I can count.
    8: toothpaste : I love marvin's in the mini tubes. fresh breath has no boundaries.
    9: cell/phone pda: oooh, love at first sight. (too bad I'm on a different plan)
    10: travel guide: other people's advice and experiences are helpful.

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Top 10 things to take on vacation

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