And the coffee table I chose......

    After posting this post below, I decided that the right coffee tale was a square one for this space. Thanks to all those who commented & sent their suggestions, I appreciate it! Remember I said $300 was my budget???

    I walked into West Elm on Friday night & was so enamored by this table , I just knew it was the one. I decided to ask the manager if he had any floor samples on sale (which is always a great way to score a deal, if they do) & to my surprise, he said " let me see, I think we may have one in the back that was put together, but never placed onto the floor, if it's still there, I will sell it as a floor model to you."

    I kept my fingers crossed until he came out from the back of the store with good news for me. Well, he did! He said that he would sell the table to me for $350 (retail price $499)!!! I thought about my $300 budget, but it seemed like such a good deal to pass & it was in perfect condition, so it is now my new coffee table for the total price of $350!

    Thanks again for all the great suggestions!

    Kelly Wearstler Trellis cushions from Decorative Instincts

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And the coffee table I chose......

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