Tassimo....great Cappuccino in your own home!

    I found an amazing Cappuccino machine, Tassimo (Bosch) Single serve system. You can easily enjoy a perfect cup of coffee, cappuccino, crema, hot chocolate or tea at the touch of a button - in about 60 seconds! With Tassimo, you have T-Discs that insert into the top part of the machine & without much fuss, press one button & you have coffee/cappuccino etc. I am so happy with this machine & it only cost $200!

    I purchased mine at Bed Bath & Beyond after much research o
    nline, & I also got all my T-Discs there. Sure, you'll spend a bit more money then on a regular coffee machine, but a lot less than going to Starbucks. Trust me, I love Starbucks (I have my own Starbucks card), but sometimes, it's convenient to be able to make your own frothy & delicious cappuccino in your own home, with the touch of a button! My next goal is to try & buy a box of cappuccino T-Discs.

    (P.S. They also give you a $50 rebate)

    (All photos above by Jennifer Ramos of MadeByGirl)

    Photo (Mugs) above from Tassimo

    NOTE: Thanks to my Dad for this Pre- wedding gift!

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Tassimo....great Cappuccino in your own home!

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