About marijuana and acne problems

    pot and acneMy friend knows how to get rid of smokers acne. I mean not tobacco but pot pimples. It’s simple – you must be caught when doing some messy thing and put to a jail! This is a real life story about a boy of “pot and acne” kind, about marijuana and acne, about smoking and pimples connection.

    Around a year ago my friend John was socializing with his friends at the backyard of a school. It was almost night and weekend, so they thought no one will see them. And then – BAH! As it appeared to be later, John was smoking weed. His “friends” told it was his weed. John was 22 – his friends were around 16-17. So Judge Tennyson sentenced him for three years in prison – only him.

    Let me tell you the pre-story. John had severe acne problems. His face was like that of Stephen King’s character from “Christine”. Like a pizza – all covered with acne. John faced this problem when he was 18. Before then his face was almost all right, like everybody’s. At the age of 18 John began smoking weed (pimples – almost none). And after few months all those acne problems started. We haven’t thought that marijuana and acne are connected! But in his case it appeared to be so. Much later.

    John tried everything. He washed his face with Clearasil two times a day, then three time, four, five – no effect. John’s mother (she also didn’t know he smoked marijuana and acne problems were because of it) tried to treat her son’s acne with different home measures – some extractions and so on. No effect. He even visited dermatologist and cosmetologist. The only thing John didn’t do – he never spoke about smoking pot and acne possible connection.

    Few days ago I was waiting for John with his mother near the prison checkpoint (she asked me to come with her). He behaved very well and court approved a decision to let John leave the prison. You probably won’t believe me, but when I saw John – I didn’t believe my own eyes. His face was perfectly clear. During this last year he was not smoking and pimples had left him for good.

    What do you think about marijuana and acne connection?

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About marijuana and acne problems

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