Causes of pimples: drugs and acne and popping pimples

    Speaking about smoking and pimples, we can say that causes of pimples can be different. Let’s count: severe depressions called by continuous smoking, “bad” hormonal changes that affect skin, non-inflammation processes that result in “smoker’s acne” and popping pimples. Today let’s speak about drugs and acne – this tie-up has hormonal changes as its basis.

    Personally I know few people that got acne and popping pimples after they had begun smoking weed. But many experiments have shown no straight evidence of smoking weed to be one of the causes of pimples. Thus researchers say that pot affects hormonal balance. For example, Journal of Clinical Pharmacology had an article on this subject. Its author stated that smoking men have lesser sperm count which is called by hormonal disorder. Let’s say – if their reproductive health is damaged, chances of skin disorders are really big.

    Cocaine use also can be one of the causes of pimples. Relations of this kind of drugs and acne lay in increased levels of testosterone of those who use cocaine. Too much testosterone is bound to lead to early baldness and bad skin condition. You can observe this effect even without cocaine use – just visit gym for a few weeks, and you’ll get some popping pimples. It’s because of high testosterone levels of those who do exercises and… use cocaine. The same effect has “ecstasy” (MDMA) usage. Levels of testosterone are 75% higher – with such bad hormonal balance acne is one of the smallest problems for addicts.

    Drugs and acne have few non-straight relations. Usage of narcotic substances has a great stress effect on the organism. It’s a well-known fact that stress is one of the main purposes of pimples to pop up. So be careful and don’t exchange your health for “nothing”.

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Causes of pimples: drugs and acne and popping pimples

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