Welcome to Barbados

    Each day this week, I thought I would show you some photo montages I took during my vacation. Hello - Barbados! First, we went into the city of Bridgetown where we walked around town, and then were quickly whisked off the sidewalks by the cops because of a big bomb threat in the area. (boy, that was dramatic). We later found out from the taxi driver, that when people don't want to work, they just like to call in a bomb threat?!? We then went to Blue Monkey Beach and had a lovely relaxing time on the beach. Well... kind of, I think we accidentally went to the touristy beach, because there were tons and tons of beach vendors that came around asking you about every few minutes to buy this and buy that. Boy, were they all characters! We bought some freshly made aloe from one of them, and exotic jewelry from another. They were really entertaining and personable. Albert, the jewelry vendor kept telling us that the singer Rihanna is from Barbados, and that he also knew Tiger Woods, and Oprah who frequent the island often. He was hilarious and one in a million for sure. To see more of my photos go here.

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Welcome to Barbados

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