Carrie's Beautiful Michigan Loft - on the market...

    Carrie over at Pattern of Life blog was sweet enough to share photos of her loft-style home with us. Coincidentally, her home is also on the market as we speak! Both Carrie & her husband reside in the West Michigan area in a neighborhood with a pretty large Dutch settlement as well as some of the best industrial design companies. This well-maintained loft is also 2 1/2 hours from Chi-Town, for those of you wondering.....

    A little info about their place: built in 1903 in an existing alley way. Large- all white, built in book shelf, modern appliances, sky light in kitchen, hardwood floors, exposed brick walls throughout. One of the brick walls has some black paint, it was an old advertisement that they discovered when they knocked the mortar off the walls while gutting the place. The sign continues downstairs into the commercial space. (You can see this in some of the photos) Very original. So for those of you looking to buy in Michigan & would like to take a peek at their place, or for more info, contact Carrie via her blog.

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Carrie's Beautiful Michigan Loft - on the market...

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