I love the post office by Kim Screen

    Call me crazy, but I really love the post office! Let me count the ways...

    First, the stamps. I love picking out stamps. I get very sad when supplies are low and I'm stuck with flags (no offense, America). But sometimes there are real gems to be had: botanicals, people, graphics, teapots, star wars, you just never know.

    For our wedding invitations we featured our polio inventor friend Jonas Salk. I know... it's not very "wedding" (which could have been the theme of our wedding) but the traditional pastel love stamps were simply not us; we thought Jonas was great!

    Then there's the history factor. The post office is vintage! Some of their buildings even look vintage!

    And look at this bit of post office history I found this week in my grandmother’s book collection. Some of these stamps are downright beautiful.

    But here's the real reason. Mostly I love going to the post office because it means I am sending something that somebody will LOVE receiving. Friends, family, customers, whoever. I am making them happy. Simple as that.

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I love the post office by Kim Screen

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