Smoking pot causes pimples

    pot smoking weed acne cause

    “I smoke marijuana day and night – I don’t have acne at all!”, “I smoked pot for three days, and my acne went bad, oh crap”, “Do you think I smoke pot? Yes, maybe. But my acne don’t care about it – no more, no less.” These are answers we have got from asking people in the street whether acne problems make their life worse and if whether they feel any difference in their condition after smoking tobacco and pot.

    Most of people said they haven’t smoke tobacco even a time, but among those, who did – 68% told me they don’t expose worsening of acne severity after smoking pot, 21% told us that their acne had gone bad after last smoking and 11% had no problems with their skin – they were just smoking pot.

    So smoking pot is a cause of acne, isn’t it? Not really. There was no serious scientific researches conducted, but most dermatologists don’t think that smoking pot can cause acne. Smoking like it is won’t get your far, and some people may expose additional skin problems, someone may not.

    It’s a good advice to stop smoking pot now though, if you don’t want to spend some bright and joyful years in prison and want to have kids.

    Although you can suffer from more severe pimples if you already have acne problems – doctors say. Smoke gets not only into your lungs, but skin, hair and etc.

    What else people say:

    “I went months without smoking and noticed a vast difference in my face from when I did smoke on a regular basis. Im going to have to yes, yes there is a link but probably more so in a person that is prone to acne in the first place.”

    “Marijuana increases testosterone in the body, so it can lead to minor outbreaks (a handful of pimples as opposed to full on acne)... it should also be noted that this only happens in the case of frequent use (daily)”

    “haha the only way i think it would cause acne is because it makes u too lazy to wash your face!”

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Smoking pot causes pimples

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