My $200 wedding dress....

    This may be hard to believe but, choosing my wedding dress was the easiest part of the wedding. You see, before I got engaged, I had been dreaming of getting married. (like most girls, right?) So, I had already seen this particular dress & it was saved onto my hard drive.  Well, it was saved along with 10-13 others I liked.... Anyway, I knew with the whole ECONOMY being in shambles that it probably wasn't a good idea to SPLURGE on my dress, plus that isn't my style.

    Finally, I jumped on the internet (a few months before the wedding) & took a deep breath....and clicked the 'buy now' button- (the entire dress buying decision took about 5 minutes).  I know some of you women are thinking, "OH MY GOD, how could she buy her wedding dress online without even trying it on?" The answer was simple..... I had a few months till the wedding, I wasn't going to stress out about it.

    Fast forward a couple weeks and my dress arrives.....a pretty off-white, size 4.  I went to try it on.... (BIG TIP: Make sure you have absolutely no makeup or lotions on while you try on your dress) ........and the dress fit! I wanted the waist to be a bit more snug so I went to Nordstroms seamstress department. They did a miracle cutting the dress open and tightening the waist about half an inch. It's a miracle because it's NOT easy working with pleats I hear!

    Now, to the good stuff....My Wedding dress is by Calvin Klein & cost me a mere $200. That's right, $200! In fact, my shoes cost more.....but that's another post. Oh, & did I mention I was wearing SPANX underneath my dress?!? I highly recommend those, they definitely do their job! All in all, I'm so happy that I decided on this gown. I got so many compliments and no one would've guessed the price! My mindset has always been,'why go broke trying to look good, if you can look gorgeous for less!'

    My bouquet was wrapped in a paper towel, so the water wouldn't drip all over my dress. I didn't realize how silly it looked until after I saw these pics. However, the trick works, no water on my dress!

    Ok, so what about my accessories?? My cake? My bouquet? Shoes? etc.

    To Be Continued.....

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My $200 wedding dress....

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