Sunday Potstickers at my home...

    My husband was taught by his mom to make potstickers when he was a little boy.  He literally makes them from scratch, ONE BY ONE....dough & all.   I don't know how he does it, but he looks so calm & focused. They are super YUMMY.... I'll get him to post the recipe soon... 

    Anyone else out there know how to make potstickers?

    below: tofu & broccolini

    images: husband

    UPDATE: Potsticker recipe from my husband, Mat.

    Traditionally put ground pork (about 2/3#) with 1.5C finely chopped napa cabbage, 1/4C scallion, 2T tamari or soy sauce, 1t sesame oil. Mix well. You can exchange the meat for any other meat or tofu or veggies, but add some oil to keep the juiciness.

    Simple unbleached flour and water combination - knead it for about 10 minutes - should be just slightly sticky and very elastic. Let it rest 10 minutes. Roll into a long tube about 1 inch thick and cut 1/2" pods. Flatten each to a very thin 3"-4" disc. Powder lightly with flour.

    With each disc, put a full rounded teaspoon of meat. Pinch two opposite ends together then working from that point, pleat the dough to each end so the dumpling forms a slighly curved shape.

    Heat frying pan (cast iron if you have, others work okay) on medium-high with 2-3T high-heat oil (like peanut). Place potstickers into pan - they can be close to each other - and brown the bottoms (about 5-6 mins). Put about 1C water and cover, allowing the dumplings to steam for 6-7 mins. Uncover and let water evaporate off but don't burn.

    We've traditionally eaten them with a mix of tamari and a vinegar (cider, red wine or rice).

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Sunday Potstickers at my home...

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