Valentine's Day is quickly approaching....

    The first thing I think of is how grateful I am to be in a relationship!  I remember I used to hate when V-day came around & I was SINGLE.......argh! Nothing against single people, that's just how I felt!   In a relationship, you should try to make it V-Day as often as you can....very important.  I recently got married to my guy, but before that, we were together for 11 YEARS!  I'm not going to lie, it hasn't always been wonderful & romantic.....& it takes a lot of work.  

    One of the things I enjoy the most in our relationship are the notes he leaves for me around the house. The note you see in this post,  he gave to me when he proposed.   In no way am I a relationship expert, but having been in one for so long, I definitely know the things that have kept us together & in love!

    So for this Valentine's Day, here are a couple of suggestions: 
    • Send him/her flowers to their job
    • Make an effort to get his/her clothes ready for work once in awhile
    • Leave love notes in unexpected places
    • Send a a text message saying 'you're thinking about him/her' while he/she is at work
    • For the ladies, send a picture of you in some pretty lingerie! (This one they really like)
    • Tell him/her you love them before bed time
    • Make him/her their favorite meal/dessert before they come home 
    • Do date night every weekend, even if you don't go out, sit at home together & watch a movie.
    • Make sure to always say thank you to show your appreciation for the things they do
    • Do activities together. My husband & I do yoga together & we love it!
    • Always take time out to hold hands, talk & hug each other
    • Do little things for him/her
    • Sit with him/her while they're watching TV—even if the program doesn’t interest you.
    • Work to keep yourself in shape in every way

    Is there something you do in your relationship that you believe keeps you in L-O-V-E  and together?

    Amy Atlas: Valentine's Day inspiration

    Is there something you do in your relationship that you believe keeps you in L-O-V-E  and together?

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Valentine's Day is quickly approaching....

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