About pimples for smokers

    Though pimples are inflammations of skin surface, and smoker’s are about to suffer from non-inflammatory type of acne, smokers may also suffer from pimples. Researches have shown that smoking itself has no significant influence on pimples severity.

    Often pimples are about to appear on one’s chest, back, shoulders and neck – places of the body where skin is the most oily. They can be a pustule or papule. They are pores that are clogged, infected or both. Pimples come where whiteheads and blackheads are infected and inflammation has already begun.

    One should not touch his face with hands, even if they are clean; try to sleep on your back with no pillow-face connection; start a clean face regiment to rid pores of unwanted particles and dirt.

    Antibacterial cleansers are especially good – also it’s normal to use oil-free cleanser.

    It’s BAD to extract pimples by yourself – you can damage your skin badly. If doing so you must follow all medical prescriptions and hygiene.

    “The popping of pimples is never medically recommended, as it can lead to bleeding and scarring. However, it remains a popular method to relieve the discomfort some pimples inflict, and it immediately destroys the pimple” – Wiki says.

    Here is what specialists say:

    Over scrubbing or over cleaning your skin may cause your skin to become too dry, which then may aggravate skin and will result in another set of outbreaks. Cleanse deeply, but moderately. In fact, some skin experts even recommend that you wash only with water and mild soap, such as baby soap. It is also advised not to switch cleansing products too often. This may also cause allergies and other skin problems.

    Thus you’ve got to be very confident in what you do. Don’t be afraid to search for new information – it’s not a shame to have pimples, it’s a shame to do nothing while suffering from them.

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About pimples for smokers

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