BIG Book of Small, Cool Spaces.....(Review)

    I was super excited when Maxwell's new book, "BIG BOOK OF SMALL, COOL SPACES" arrived in the mail today! This book is 304 pages long (which I think is so awesome) and completely full of colorful photos!  For those of you scratching your head wondering who who Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan is, he's co-founder of Apartment Therapy, one of the most popular interior design sources. Maxwell is also a P/T Interior Designer so this book just makes sense. He concentrates on how to transform a tiny space into a fabulous space!  I can see how useful this book would be for people living in cities like New York, San Francisco and even Japan. In big cities like these space is very limited & you definitely want to make the best of what you DO have. 

    (image above by jen)

    It's a SHAME this book wasn't published back when I was living in Manhattan, NYC in a studio apartment!  How ideal would it have been to be able to tuck an office with vintage doors into an unused bedroom corner??  

    This is a great coffee table book as well, highly recommend it. ......And that folks, is my review. 

    (images above via apartment therapy)

    BUY your copy here for less than $20.

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BIG Book of Small, Cool Spaces.....(Review)

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