My Latest Ebay Win....

    I will not be posting tomorrow because I'm going away on a SPA weekend trip with my husband.  So, I'd like to leave you with a post about my recent Ebay purchase.

    I've been bidding on Ebay for a few years now & it wasn't until last year that I experienced my 1st disappointment with a seller.  Some of you may recall this post where I won a Tretchikoff piece of art. I was SUPER EXCITED until it NEVER arrived!  Even though I communicated with the seller & she refunded my $$$, I was very annoyed.   I had pictured exactly where this print would be hung and thought about it day after day.... then... Oh my God, nothing!

    Lately, I haven't had an problems with sellers on Ebay, thank God!  In fact, my latest purchase, an authentic Gucci vintage bag (which I won for $179) had been on my list for years. It was a relief when it finally arrived safely, all in one piece & DID NOT SMELL like cigarette smoke! (one of my fears)  That would have killed it for me since I am NOT a smoker & I'm allergic to cigarettes.  Great tip: If you're selling something, always make sure it doesn't smell like cigarette smoke!

    So, the Tretchikoff ordeal was my only problem with Ebay, and I still continue to look for bargains via their site.

    What has your experience with Ebay been like?  Have you ever had an Ebay NIGHTMARE?? 
    Did you ever win something and never receive it? What did you do?

    I will see you all on Monday, as I will be leaving on a weekend SPA getaway tomorrow (Friday) morning! I'll be checking in to see your comments on this post on Saturday or Sunday. Talk to you soon! 

    images by jen ramos

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My Latest Ebay Win....

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