How I’ve got rid of smoker’s acne

    Connection between smoking and acne is not yet well studied. Some researches have shown that smoking lowers intensity of inflammatory processes (thus lowering acne severity), other have shown that smoking only worsens acne condition, some of them have shown nothing. Only recently scientists have found that smoker’s acne (non-inflammatory acne) are caused by smoking itself.

    We asked different people to write us about how they have got rid of smoker’s acne.

    Pam, 23:

    “I have never had acne being a teenager. Never. I don’t know even why I took up smoking at the age of 17 – after a while I started suffering from problems with my skin. Now I am twenty-three – and I feel that things are going better. I quitted smoking (I’ve found about Allen Karr’s book on – and this appeared to be all I need.”

    George Moshington, 234:

    “As far as I remember acne have always been my main problem. I suffered from acne feeling myself complete shit – and when I started smoking, first I thought that I’m getting better. But no, it was not. After some time I observed that I have new big blemishes on my skin, that are nothing like easy to get rid of.

    When I tried and went cold turkey – I have not only raise my self-respect, but also noticed some changes on my skin. I still have oily skin – but now situation gets ever better.”

    We also asked dermatologist to make his statement about smoker’s acne, simple acne and effect smoking causes on skin condition. Doctor told us that from all points of view smoking is never good for skin – even if it lowers acne severity, you still have other hundred minuses and smoker’s acne (as we see now).

    So it’s hard to underestimate harm smoking causes for one’s skin.

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How I’ve got rid of smoker’s acne

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