iPhone 4 .....will be mine soon (I hope)

    I've had my iPhone for a total of 2 years now and my contract expires this year. (You know their 2 year contract agreement they have you sign if you want an iPhone). I've only had the iPhone 3G and never bothered getting the 3G s because I didn't care much for shooting video. However, the new iPhone 4 is available for pre-order tomorrow (Tuesday) and I'm so psyched about this one.
    The reason: it has FaceTime, a one-tap video calling feature! This is DEFINITELY something I've always wanted in a phone, but a few years ago it seemed so FUTURISTIC. Well, not anymore, it's now come to iPhone 4 & I'll be one of the many to pre-order this new phone tomorrow morning.  Lets' hope by the time I jump online it's not sold out! 

    Anyone else thinking of getting the new iPhone 4 ?? What feature are you looking forward to?


    image via apple

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iPhone 4 .....will be mine soon (I hope)

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