A Tweet & 2 Paintings Later.....

    I can honestly say I wasn't that MUCH into Aboriginal paintings until Viv from Ish & Chi posted a question on Twitter asking if she should buy a particular painting.

    Of course, me being curious and LOVING art...I clicked on it! It was an authentic aboriginal by well-known artist, Jeannie Mills Pwerle. Viv was uncertain if she should BUY that particular piece because it was $450 and she may not be able to get the bike she wanted until later on! I told her if she really wanted the bike she should wait, but I guess she wanted the ART a lot more! Good choice, it's what I would've done. 

    I'm such a SUCKER for art! I was pretty inspired by Viv's "just go for it" attitude and decided to hunt down an authentic Jeannie Mills Pwerle painting for my own home.

    I FINALLY found this one (above), it's a 60 x 90 cm, I purchased it & had it shipped to me from Utopia! 

    Aboriginal art is based upon traditional culture and is made by Indigenous Australians. The works they cover vary from painting on leaves, sculptures, rock carvings and more. 

    I really love the colors of this painting & I'm so glad I decided to invest in this piece! In fact, I was so HAPPY with it that I decided to buy a LARGER painting by another well-known aboriginal artist named, Janet Golder Ngwarai-Kngwarreye which measures 152 x 90 cms.

    Now this is what I call, being INSPIRED.....

     Do you own any aboriginal art? By what artists?

    art by jeannie mills pwerle
    photo by jen ramos

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A Tweet & 2 Paintings Later.....

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